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Tuesday, May 24 2022

It’s May in the north. A time of year we celebrate the retreating snows and fast approaching camping season. I’m usually as excited as a 5th grader, counting down to summer vacation. But it feels different this year. Gas prices are up…way up. COVID keeps hanging around. It feels like another year that we’ll have to put that dream trip to Bannf on the back burner.

But then I pause…let’s think this through.  Sure, we’ve had to put a lot of plans on the shelf these past two years. My family definitely has. But when we look around us, there’s plenty to be thankful for…family, health, community. Not to mention, the beauty that beckons just outside our back door. So why not do a “Stay Close-cation”?

No matter where you live—rural Maine or urban L.A.—chances are there’s a state or national park within easy driving distance of your home. In fact, there are over 400 national parks and over 6,600 state parks within the U.S. (yes, I Googled it.)

Many of our fondest family memories were made just a stone’s throw from our driveway. A familiar place where the air was clean, the trees were tall, and the stars danced above the roaring campfire. We never felt like we were missing out. And knowing we were so close to home was an added bonus.

So this year, instead of waiting for things to “normalize”, make your own new normal. Hop online. Check out what local parks are to be had. Book now! And get excited about planning your adventure. Sure, you might not witness a majestic sunrise over Mount Columbia. But you’ll experience something even more precious…time outdoors enjoying what you love with the people you love.

Happy Camping!

Competition and COVID-19

Wednesday, January 27 2021

Bob Brammer, President of Stromberg Carlson, discusses what it takes to fend off the competition, both foreign and domestic. He also walks through the lessons his company learned from almost a full year of battling COVID-19. Lesson one: Take care of your people.

Cabin Fever

Wednesday, March 27 2019

Cabin fever… I’ve got it too… a famous line introducing a song on a video I watch with my kids when they were young – Muppet Treasure Island.  Well, northwest lower Michigan still has some snow and snow banks but we can all feel the heavy weather lifting, making way for blue skies and, yes, camping season!  What motivates you the most to get your coach out and prepare for the season?  Campfires, peace and quiet, or food and friends gathering for a progressive dinner?  All of it for me.

Checking tire pressure, flushing the pink antifreeze, adding things back in that freeze to the coach and finally filling the fridge.  My wife and I generally took one short trip around town simply to remind ourselves of our routines before we set out with friends and stumbled along – reviving the spring brain cells.

Bring the bikes, pack some games, meet some new people.  This isn’t the turn of the calendar for resolutions and yet it is a new beginning in campgrounds. Offering new opportunities to meet people, get close to each other, or escape a routine that is numbing your senses.  As the GoRVing ads say… “Find Your Away”

Happy Trails from the team at Stromberg!


Friday, May 18 2018

I need routine.  Wake, do emails, read the local paper and check out Facebook to see who has a better life than me.  Read More

Winter 2016-2017

Tuesday, December 13 2016

Winter’s coming.  That’s code for our Vice President, Plant Manager and I entertain one other with the winterization of our different RVs.  Read More

Fall Camping

Tuesday, October 20 2015

Fall camping can be some of the best. Pot roast and sweat pants season is replacing salads and bathing suits season. Campfires serve a purpose other than night illumination – heat! And the colors…where do you find your colors?

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Summer Storms

Friday, August 07 2015

Well, we here at Stromberg have decided our days as storm chasers are over!  This past weekend, northern Michigan experienced an intense summer storm like none we’ve experienced before, blocking many roadways and leaving most of the region without power. Read More

What’s Going On At Stromberg…

Thursday, June 18 2015

So here we are, launching our new website, gearing up for a busy season full of production, shipping, receiving, paperwork and most importantly PROVIDING GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!  All the while wondering when summer is going to arrive in beautiful northern Michigan, so we can escape for the occasional RVing weekend ourselves! Read More

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