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Friday, May 18 2018

I need routine.  Wake, do emails, read the local paper and check out Facebook to see who has a better life than me.  Read More

Winter 2016-2017

Tuesday, December 13 2016

Winter’s coming.  That’s code for our Vice President, Plant Manager and I entertain one other with the winterization of our different RVs.  Read More

Fall Camping

Tuesday, October 20 2015

Fall camping can be some of the best. Pot roast and sweat pants season is replacing salads and bathing suits season. Campfires serve a purpose other than night illumination – heat! And the colors…where do you find your colors?

Read More

Summer Storms

Friday, August 07 2015

Well, we here at Stromberg have decided our days as storm chasers are over!  This past weekend, northern Michigan experienced an intense summer storm like none we’ve experienced before, blocking many roadways and leaving most of the region without power. Read More

What’s Going On At Stromberg…

Thursday, June 18 2015

So here we are, launching our new website, gearing up for a busy season full of production, shipping, receiving, paperwork and most importantly PROVIDING GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!  All the while wondering when summer is going to arrive in beautiful northern Michigan, so we can escape for the occasional RVing weekend ourselves! Read More

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