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Tuesday, January 30 2024

I’m a tinkerer. I’ll admit it. Ever since I was a kid, I loved taking things apart just to see how they work. I always found great satisfaction in knowing how something worked and what problem it solved. I’m sure it’s a genetic trait. My grandfather and founder of Stromberg Carlson, David Stromberg, used to prowl the plant floor to make sure all our products and processes were working as they should. If he ever found a problem, he rolled up his sleeves and set to fixing it.

This all came to mind at a recent trade show. January is trade show season…a time when I get to meet with our dealers and really talk shop. I’ve known most of them for years and many have become good friends. They’re only too happy to share their thoughts on our products and our industry. In fact, more than a few of our products are the direct result of these conversations. For instance, what RV-er hasn’t dealt with hoses and cords that bunch up and are hard to store? What camper wouldn’t enjoy an adjustable campfire grill for the perfect steak? The list goes on.

Maximizing the camping experience really comes down to convenience and value. And that comes from listening to and learning from our dealers and their customers. If we can make camping easier and more enjoyable at a fair price, we make everybody happy. For over 60 years, that’s always been our goal.

See, problem solved.

Happy Camping,


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