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Enjoying some holiday warmth…

Wednesday, December 27 2023

My office calendar said “December 14”. But one look outside my window told an entirely different story. The grass was a thick, damp mat of brown. The sun was trying to peek through heavy, gray clouds. The temperature was hovering in the mid-40s. In short, winter was nowhere to be found.

Now, I’m the kind of guy who loves a White Christmas…both the movie and the scenery. Nothing puts me in the holiday mood like gently falling flakes outside my window. Add a roaring fire and the aroma of holiday goodies baking in the oven and I’m right there.

But winters are changing. And you can’t always rely on a snow-globe holiday. Fortunately, some things about the season don’t follow the changing weather patterns. Like family, for instance. Come snow, rain, sun or a mixture of all three, I know I’ll be spending quality, holiday time with my loved ones. Long mornings in our PJ’s chatting and drinking coffee. Little ones running around the house, playing with new toys. The rest of the days filled with old movies, football games, and plenty of feasting and laughing. Family togetherness is a holiday tradition that will continue to stand the test of the time, despite what the outdoor thermometer may say.  

I don’t need winter’s chill to enjoy the holiday warmth of family and friends. And while  I’ll miss some of the snowy days of the holiday season, I may miss them less than I might admit…I actually squeezed in a round of golf with friends in mid-December. Talk about an unexpected holiday gift. You certainly won’t hear me complaining about that!

Happy Camping,


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