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My Favorite Travel Companion…

Monday, February 26 2024

As any seasoned RVer will tell you, the fun and excitement of any adventure is not so much about where you’re headed. It’s more about who you’re sharing the adventure with. I was reminded of this a couple weeks ago after returning from a much-needed getaway with my wife, Janice.

I had just wrapped up one of the busiest work travel seasons. I had been consumed with work for weeks. For a guy working in a business dedicated to leisure travel, even I get a little too tightly wound without a break. That’s when I know I can count on Janice.

She’s been at my side, my trusty co-pilot, for more years than I’ll share here. We’ve been through many adventures, both on the road and on the road of life. Both have had their peaks, valleys, twists and turns. Somehow through it all, we’ve managed to laugh at the little problems, trust each other and work through the bigger issues, and enjoy the scenery wherever life leads us.

With this being February, what with Valentine’s Day and all, it seems appropriate to share my feelings about our time together. I wouldn’t trade these treasured moments for anything.

I hope you have a trusted travel companion that lightens your load on the road of life. And I wish you many years exploring and discovering new adventures together.

Happy Camping!


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