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Sunday, October 08 2023

It’s official. The 2023 edition of COHO Outing is in the books. This September ritual, which draws friends, family and colleagues to Northern Michigan for an extended weekend of outdoor recreation, was one to remember. We trolled the big lake for salmon and walleye; with many finding their way to the grill and table. We tested our skills on one of Michigan’s premier golf courses, gaining humility or bragging rights for next year. We toured area wineries. Played corn hole. And ate like kings and queens. But mostly—and this is the important part—we connected with those near and dear to us. We laughed. We shared stories. We made memories that will linger for years to come.

As I ponder these past few days, it reminds me of why we need time to really connect with people, now more than ever. We need time with loved ones to share our thoughts, bare our souls, laugh, cry or simply enjoy the silence of the woods together. To me, that’s what the RV lifestyle is all about. It’s why I love it so much. Few things please me more than sitting around a roaring fire with people I love and appreciate, sharing a warmth that goes so much deeper than just the flames. I wouldn’t trade this feeling for all the world.

So, yes, I’ll be working on my short game; confident that the scorecard will tell a different story next year. I may have a new grilled salmon recipe too. But most of all, I’ll be counting the days to next September, anticipating the good times and great memories that await me.

I hope you find the time—however long or short—to reconnect with loved ones in the woods, on the water, or wherever this wonderful RV life leads you.

Happy Camping,


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