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Gen Secure Locking Storage Box

Your ultimate generator box for security and gas safety! Gen Secure features a robust lock and key system to make theft challenging for burglars, providing additional protection for your belongings. Our generator box is designed with vents to safely exhaust residual propane and gas fumes while parked or in transit, with the lid secured by a lock knob to ensure proper airflow during generator operation. Rubber access ports allow convenient cord and plug access, as well as the option to vent exhaust fumes safely via a tube. We’ve also incorporated tie-down rings for secure storage with our provided tie-down straps. Choose Gen Secure for peace of mind, knowing your items are protected, and gas-related operations are conducted safely.

While we can’t guarantee invincibility, we make theft difficult and prioritize your safety. Stay ahead of potential risks with Gen Secure!

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 21 × 26 in

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