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Flexco Steel Steps

These Flexco Products manual steps sold by Stromberg Carlson are sturdy and reliable, designed with a 300-lb weight capacity.

  • Replaces any step on the market
  • “Low profile” single steps available
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Made in the USA

SMFP-1100           24″ W Single, 7.5″ rise
SMFP-1120           20″ W Single, 7.5″ rise
SMFP-1200           24″ W Single, 2.75″ rise
SMFP-1220           20″ W Single, 2.75″ rise
SMFP-2100           24″ W Double, 8″ rise
SMFP-2120           20″ W Double, 8″ rise
SMFP-3100           24″ W Triple, 8″ rise
SMFP-3200L        24″ W Triple, 9.5″ rise
SMFP-4400           24″ W Quad, 8″ rise

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Model SMFP-1100, Model SMFP-1120, Model SMFP-1200, Model SMFP-1220, Model SMFP-2100, Model SMFP-2120, Model SMFP-3100, Model SMFP-3200L, Model SMFP-4400


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