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Tis the season…for family!

Thursday, June 23 2022

Summer is a crazy time of year. Especially here in the north. The season is so full of promise and possibility…we want to experience it all. The beach. The barbecue. The long walks in nature. The stories and laughter shared around a crackling campfire. We don’t want to miss a thing.

For me, summer isn’t so much about what I do or where I go—it’s all about who I’m with. It’s about family. This time of year, I really feel the tug of family ties. I need to see the kids. I need to spend time with them…time unfiltered by cell phones, schedules and the worry of the work day. Time we specifically set aside to regroup, reconnect and really experience what we love with the people we love.

This feeling was driven home to me this past week as I passed by our local state park. The aroma of lingering campfires hung in the air. For just a moment, the sweet smell filled my car and quickly conjured up memories. A first fish held proudly for all to see. Small hands holding a sticky marshmallow. Sleepy smiles on little faces.

Wherever you go this summer, I hope it leads you to great moments and memories with your family. Make time to make it special, with the special people in your life.

Happy Camping!

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