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Replacement/Repair Parts
Model 1093 (replacement 3-holed bracket kit – will replace 2-holed brackets, includes mounting screws)
Model AM-030L (backer plate, cover and hardware for all AM rails)
Model CP-1036 (tube end plug)
Model 5991-SM (1/4″ shims)
Model 1097 (screws only – qty 6, #14 x 2.5″)
Model 1095 (screws only – qty 4, #14 x 2″)

Replacement handrail grips can be ordered here.

Lend-A-Hand Standard Assist Rail & Replacement Hardware

Our most popular RV rail provides steady support and ease as you go up or down the stairs.  Secures open to make entering or exiting your RV easier, folds to the side of your RV for travel.  No tools required for securing rail in open or closed positions. Mounting bracket is designed for left hand mounting applications.  If mounted on the right side, you may need to add backing for mounting purposes. Our Lend-A-Hand Assist Rails are designed to help you maintain your balance.  They will not break your fall.

Lend-A-Hand – 27″ long including mounting brackets (23.5″ from center line of tube to center line of tube), protrudes from wall 15.5″. Aluminum powder coated tubing.

Model AM-200 (white rail with black foam grip)
Model AM-300 (silver rail with black foam grip)
Model AM-800 (black rail with black foam grip)

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Model 1095, Model 1097, Model 1093, Model 5991-SM, Model AM-030L, Model AM-200, Model AM-300, Model AM-800, Model CP-1036


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