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FordVG-97-4000 DS Cover Plate7455-336-97F
FordVG-97-4000 PS Cover Plate7455-335-97F
FordVG-04-4000 DS Cover Plate7455-336-04F
FordVG-04-4000 PS Cover Plate7455-335-04F
FordVG-15-4000 DS Cover Plate7455-336-15F
FordVG-15-4000 PS Cover Plate7455-335-15F
GM/ChevyVGM-99-4000 DS Cover Plate7455-336-99GM
GM/ChevyVGM-99-4000 PS Cover Plate7455-335-99GM
GM/ChevyVGM-07-4000 DS Cover Plate7455-336-07GM
GM/ChevyVGM-07-4000 PS Cover Plate7455-335-07GM
GM/ChevyVGM-14-4000 DS Cover Plate7455-336-14GM
GM/ChevyVGM-14-4000 PS Cover Plate7455-335-14GM
DodgeVGD-02-4000 DS Cover Plate7455-336-02D
DodgeVGD-02-4000 PS Cover Plate7455-335-02D
DodgeVGD-10-4000 DS Cover Plate7455-336-10D
DodgeVGD-10-4000 PS Cover Plate7455-335-10D
ToyotaVGT-70-4000 DS Cover Plate7455-336-T10
ToyotaVGT-70-4000 PS Cover Plate7455-335-T10

DS = driver’s side
PS = passenger’s side

Cover Plates – 4000 Series

Stromberg Carlson replacement cover plates for 4000-Series tailgates. Please note, they are gate/side specific. Please see chart to the left for correct part number prior to ordering.




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Model 7455-335-02D, Model 7455-335-04F, Model 7455-335-07GM, Model 7455-335-10D, Model 7455-335-14GM, Model 7455-335-15F, Model 7455-335-97F, Model 7455-335-99GM, Model 7455-335-T10, Model 7455-336-02D, Model 7455-336-04F, Model 7455-336-07GM, Model 7455-336-10D, Model 7455-336-14GM, Model 7455-336-15F, Model 7455-336-97F, Model 7455-336-99GM, Model 7455-336-T10


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