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Conversion Kits – 4000 Series

Love your Stromberg Carlson Products Louvered Tailgate but it won’t fit your new truck? Feeling handy? Our 4000 Series Conversion Kits include everything you need to transform your current gate to the correct gate for your new truck. Kit includes end plates, cover plates and applicable hardware.

Note: This kit is not a complete gate, but is only the components listed above.



Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
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Model VG-04-CK, Model VG-15-CK, Model VG-97-CK, Model VGD-02-CK, Model VGD-10-CK, Model VGM-07-CK, Model VGM-14-CK, Model VGM-99-CK, Model VGT-70-CK


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