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Base Pad Shoe

Our Base Pad Shoes shore up your RV’s foundation with a jack pad that stays put.  No more storing pads with dirt and mud on them in your RV or tow vehicle.  Our molded rubber shoe is not glued together crumb rubber but an EPDM molded product design to protect your equipment while adding stability once parked and leveled.  Once installed it stays on.  It can be removed and re-installed if necessary as many times as you need to.

  • 9” shoe fits Lippert’s 4 and 6-point leveling systems
  • 9″ shoe fits round foot pads made by Lippert, Pac-Rim or Venture
  • 10″ shoe fits 10” round & 10” octagonal foot pads made by Equalizer Systems
  • Stays attached once installed – no need to store them
  • Unique bottom increases ground stability – more surface area
  • Protects your foot pads from rocks and roots
  • Protects  your RV pad from rust stains
  • Can support a 100,000 lb coach with a 4-point leveling system

9″ Base Pad Shoes:
Model JBP-S9.6 – 9″ Shoe Pad, 6-pk
Model JBP-S9.4 – 9″ Shoe Pad, 4-pk
Model JBP-S9.2 – 9″ Shoe Pad, 2-pk
Model JBP-S9.1 – 9″ Shoe Pad, 1-pk

10″ Base Pad Shoes:
Model JBP-S10.4 – 10″ Shoe Pad, 4-pk
Model JBP-S10.3 – 10″ Shoe Pad, 3-pk
Model JBP-S10.2 – 10″ Shoe Pad, 2-pk
Model JBP-S10.1 – 10″ Shoe Pad, 1-pk



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Model JBP-S10.1, Model JBP-S10.2, Model JBP-S10.3, Model JBP-S10.4, Model JBP-S9.1, Model JBP-S9.2, Model JBP-S9.4, Model JBP-S9.6


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