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Hardware Kits – 100 Series

100 Series Hardware Kit Guide

Hardware kits vary and are GATE SPECIFIC. Please order the correct hardware kit for your gate.

Hardware kits consist of driver’s and passenger’s side latches and any applicable split rings, bumpers, attachment hardware and/or pivot tube inserts.  To determine the kit you need, click on the guide under ‘Additional Images’ to the right.  If you are unsure of your gate, check for a sticker or stamp on your metal end plate (where the latches are located).

Please note, tailgate cables are not included nor provided for the 100 series gate.  Please use your factory tailgate cables.  Contact your local truck dealer or automotive store if you no longer have your factory tailgate cables.

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Model 1070-A, Model 1075, Model 1076, Model 1080, Model 1085, Model 2010, Model 2102, Model 2160, Model 1077


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