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Stabil-Step Jacks

Three models of Stabil-Step JacksStabilize your step assembly as you enter and leave your coach.  Our Stabil-Step Jacks easily support 750 lbs, taking the load off your step tread, carrying mechanism and frame.  Stabil-Step Jacks will lengthen the life of any tread and step assembly attached to your RV.

Model JSS-4
Adjustable, 4.75" to 7.75"

Model JSS-7
Adjustable, 8" to 13.5"

Model JSS-85
Adjustable, 8" to 15" - Self Storing

Stabil-Step Jack (Model JSS-4)
Stabil-Step Jack (Model JSS-7)
Stabil-Step Jack (Model JSS-85)