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Soft Touch Grab Handle

The Soft Touch provides traction for your hand.  It's nice to grab a handle The Soft Touch Handle in white and black instead of jamming your hand behind a plastic or aluminum strap when entering or exiting your coach.  The Soft Touch handle is friendlier to the touch than a hard, slippery acrylic post.  The Soft Touch molded finger grips add comfort to this handle you'll use dozens of times a day.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Place the Soft Touch rail at the intended mounting location.
  2. The mounting holes of the Soft Touch rail are offset, allowing you to secure the rail to your coach's door frame.  The weight our rail will support is dependent on what it is mounted to - be sure you secure it to the door frame or a stud in the wall of your coach.
  3. Mark the four mounting hole locations.
  4. Pre drill holes using a 1/8" drill bit.
  5. Place waterproof caulk over the holes to prevent moisture from entering your coach's wall.
  6. Prior to the caulk setting up, mount your Soft Touch rail using the provided fasteners.

Soft Touch Grab Handle - white (Model AH-100)
Soft Touch Grab Handle - black (Model AH-150)