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Lend-a-hand installed on RV, shown in extended and folded positionsOur most popular RV rail provides steady support and convenience as you go up or down the stairs.  Locks open to make entering or exiting your RV easier, folds and locks to the side of your trailer for travel.  No tools required for locking rail in open or closed positions. Mounting bracket is designed for left hand mounting applications.  If mounted on the right side, you may need to add support backing for mounting purposes.

Lend-a-Hand rails measure 27" long (including mounting brackets) and protrude from the wall 15.5".

Lend-A-Hand Mini Assist Rail

Mini Lend-a-Hand rails measure 22” long (including mounting brackets) and protrude from the wall 10”.

~~Our Lend-A-Hand and Mini Lend-A-Hand Assist Rails are designed to help you keep and maintain your balance.  They will not break your fall. ~~

Lend-A-Hand Mini Assist Rail
Lend-a-Hand Assist Rail
Lend-a-Hand Replacement/Repair Parts