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2000 Series Tailgate Parts

Stromberg Carlson's 2000 Series Tailgate is discontinued 

However we do have hardware kits, and a limited number of replacement parts available. To ensure you purchase the correct hardware kit, please locate the number stamped onto the metal endplate, and review the 2000 Series Hardware Kit Guide

Hardware Kits

The 2000 Series hardware kit includes two (2) metal latches, the rubber discs, latch stops, and inserts used to keep the tailgate centered. Latch cables are sold separately. if your old latches are plastic, we recommend replacing both latches as to avoid uneccessary strain on the plastic latch.

Latch Cable

Stromberg's 2000 Series Tailgate opens with a handle, the handle pulls on latch cables that are mounted with a set screw in the latch housing. The latch cables are sold individually and separately from the hardware kits.


The endplate is the steel piece that is attached to each side of your tailgate. The tailgate sits inside the endplate, the latches are housed in the endplate and the truckbed cables attach to this plate as well.

Hardware & Latch Cables 2000 Series
Endplates 2000 Series