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Cargo Slide Trays - Interior



  • We provide all materials (except the 3/4” plywood & carpet)
  • Actual Length: 36”, 44”, 48” or 54”
  • Width: determined by the 3/4” plywood you provide
  • All items are able to ship UPS

Download the Specifications:
Cargo Tray Slide PDF

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Back to back slides accomodate pass through compartments
(Multiple length combinations can be used to fit any compartment)


Package Contents:
Tray Parts

You supply ¾” plywood and carpet


Locking Mechanism:

Yellow handle locks the cargo tray in both the extended and retracted positions for safely loading/unloading and storing your items.  Press yellow handle in to retract and lock cargo tray in place.  Pull yellow handle out to extend and lock cargo tray in place.  The cage pin provides for a safety traveling lock to be tethered to the tray at all times.


36" Slide Tray (Model KV-36)
44" Slide Tray (Model KV-44)
48" Slide Tray (Model KV-48)
54" Slide Tray (Model KV-54)