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Friday, May 18 2018

I need routine.  Wake, do emails, read the local paper and check out Facebook to see who has a better life than me.  To keep my life focused and directed, this is how I start every day.  After all, the more productive I am the more time I can take to have some fun.  And today was the perfect reminder on Facebook in my “5 Year Old Memory” …it was a photo of my wife and our Airstream at Barnes Park in Northern Michigan.  The awning was out, firewood stacked, and the grill was in the photo too—because my friends and I have cook offs whenever we camp together.  This was a blood pressure lowering moment this morning.  At Stromberg, we work hard to help you enjoy your vacations.  Unfortunately, a missing part here and there can happen and we don’t want that to be a blood pressure raising moment for you.  Call us and we will get you what you need.  231-947-8600 ext. 108 will get you three customer service reps who know our products and will get you an answer.  Maybe not at that moment but usually that day.  We work hard to help you play and relax.  We look forward to those moments too.

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