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Winter 2016-2017

Tuesday, December 13 2016

Winter’s coming.  That’s code for our Vice President, Plant Manager and I entertain one other with the winterization of our different RVs.  Of course, our plant manager never misses a trick. His methodical and non-distracted way complete the job quickly and without waste.  I on the other hand always hunt and peck my way through my coach; turning the wrong valves, causing me to use extra anti-freeze, and after 3 different tries I know I’ve completed the mission.  Our VP…. he doesn’t say a thing except, “You know you can already reserve sites for Memorial Day next year.”  That may be one of the more optimistic claims he made this week.

While we are throwing Christmas Parties for our staff it does cause you to think, “what needs fixing, betterment, or maintenance on my RV this winter?”  And don’t forget, “where will my travels take me next Spring?”  Snow has arrived in Northern Michigan but already we are dreaming of more than a white Christmas…. we are dreaming of our travels in 2017.

Christmas at Stromberg

Keith Newstead, aka…Cookie….is demonstrating his accuracy with a nerf gun while Eric Caulkins is playing broom/basketball shuffle board down one of the aisles of tailgates in the warehouse.  Mary Lou Thibeault is scoring Cookie’s shots.

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