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Fall Camping

Tuesday, October 20 2015

Fall camping can be some of the best. Pot roast and sweat pants season is replacing salads and bathing suits season. Campfires serve a purpose other than night illumination – heat! And the colors…where do you find your colors?

My daughter and her husband had some time off so they borrowed our Airstream and headed East. They had a wedding to attend and work; then they headed off to the Coast. A big question here may be what do we do to pass one of our favorite pastimes down in our families? As I told my friends, there is nothing worse than a trailer sitting next to a home. It needs to roll and bring memories into the lives of the active participants. Yep, they cooked on a Stake & Grill over an open fire. They visited Bar Harbor and Arcadia National Park. They are making memories and building their life together.

Just like my children are doing, we hope you keep the wheels rolling and enjoy the RV lifestyle well into the fall of 2015, and if you can – extend the season even longer!

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