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Electric RV Steps

Coach Step is made in the USA by Lippert Components and sold into the RV aftermarket through Stromberg Carlson.

Electric RV Steps
Our steps extend automatically when you open your RV door and retract automatically when you close your RV door.  This feature can be overridden with the power switch at the door in order to keep the steps in the extended position while camping.  The ignition safety switch will retract your steps if you forget prior to travel. 

Self lubricating bushings do not need maintenance and shoulder bolts (not rivets) reduce the torque on the electric motor for easy operation.  Weatherproof wiring and connectors prevent shorts and corrosion in the 12-volt system.  Easily mounts and replaces other popular brands of electric RV steps.  These steps are heavy-duty powder coated for rust resistance.  Treads measure 24" wide x 10-3/4" deep.

Not designed for commercial use.

Download the Specifications:

SP-24-100 Single Step
SP-24-200 Double Step
SP-24-300 Triple Step
Instruction Manual

Troubleshooting guide/tips:

  • First review pages 3 & 4 of the instruction sheet trouble shooting guide - if you no longer have your guide, a pdf version is available above.
  • If converting from a Kwikee step to our Coach Step, you must replace the door magnets in this process (the door magnets aren't interchangeable between manufactures).  See page 2 of instruction sheet.
  • If after several months of use your step begins to malfunction, clean the ground wire leads, both green wires (one wire from the control box to the step and the other wire from the control box to the chassis).  When reattaching ground wires, use terminal grease to help prevent corrosion.  See page two of instruction sheet for illustration of underside of step.
  • If step has become soft or spongy feeling when walking on it: See SERVICE NOTES SECTION B, page 4 of instruction sheet.

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Single Step (Model SP-24-100)

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Double Step (Model SP-24-200)

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Triple Step (Model SP-24-300)

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Motor (Model SP-1636669)

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Control Box (Model SP-164889)

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4-Way Wiring Harness (Model SP-165045)

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Door Switch (Model SP-165041)

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Amber Light (Model SP-165048)

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Bronze Bushing Repair Kit (Model SP-005)

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Ball Joint (Model SP-165220)

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Electric Step Shoulder Bolt (Model 7145-128969)

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Gear Unit - for single & double step (Model SP-163164)

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Gear Unit - for triple step (Model SP-164348-B)



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